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  • About Us

    Airowear has been a worldwide leader of innovation in the equestrian safety market since 1985.

    Our reputation is built on design expertise and our total commitment to rider safety. We ensure every product we produce offers a superior fit, incorporates the latest technology and meets our exceptional quality standards.

    We are a design-led company and this philosophy is reflected in every garment we create. Our design expertise gives us the advantage of truly understanding the requirements of garment technology to improve rider safety, comfort and style.

    Gender-specific sizes

    Due to the differences in body shapes between men and women, it is essential a safety garment is sized to address male and female shaping.

    Many adult's body protectors are still made in unisex sizes, which is where Airowear are different...

    Our sophisticated range of body protectors address these differences and are available in both men and women's sizes, so riders of any shape or size can confidently fit into a body protector that has been made to fit their body shape.

    Safety Standards

    All our body protectors are manufactured and tested to meet the highest safety requirements for the different disciplines for which they are used. Airowear body protectors are CE marked to EN13158 and annually tested to BETA 2009, giving you peace of mind that our body protectors consistently meet the latest safety standards.

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