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    What is UltraFlex™ Technology?

    Our philosophy is to design body protectors which provide the best level of safety combined with unrivalled tailoring with the most comfortable body protectors on the market today.

    To achieve this, our body protectors are made from a combination of multiple levels of impact-absorbing materials with airflow technology. Our impact absorbing materials absorb and spread impact in the case of a fall or kick and thereby lessening or reducing the injury sustained from a fall or kick.  Our airflow technologies are incorporated within the impact absorbing foams to generate movement of air and ultimately create a lighter weight product for the rider.

    This unique combination combined with the way the foams are structured into the garment is what makes our UltraFlex™ Technology so groundbreaking.

    Why UltraFlex™ Technology?

    The UltraFlex™ structure enables the impact absorbing materials to quickly mould to the shape of the rider without relying on body heat to soften. Traditionally when combined with body heat, body protectors become softer after time as they react to changes in temperature.  By contrast, body protectors which incorporate UltraFlex™ technology take even less time to soften, as it absorbs heat from the body much quicker than traditional materials.  This provides immediate comfort for the rider and helps to break the misconceptions associated with single-paneled body protectors.

    UltraFlex™ technology cleverly spreads around the torso, making it mould comfortably to the contours of the body, resulting in a flexible fit.

    Achieving a sophisticated fit

    With years of investment into research & development combined with our design expertise, we strongly understand the correlation between a rider’s stature and their body shape. This has been key to how we are able to produce body protectors which incorporate both standard and ‘bespoke’ sizes into an ‘off-the-shelf’ size range.

    Our vast number of sizes now gives more riders more sizing options to achieve the perfect fit with their safety vest.   

    In today’s world, there is no excuse why everybody, regardless of size, height, age, shape or gender shouldn’t be able to wear an ‘off-the-shelf’ correctly fitted body protector.  


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