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Mens Outlyne

Men's Outlyne provides a tailored, masculine fit for male riders of all shapes and sizes.

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  • Sizes M1 and M2 provide a teenage fit
  • Designed to fit a male body shape
  • Zipped style with chest, waist and shoulder adjustments
  • Generously tailored over the shoulders
  • Moulds comfortably around the body
  • Soft and lightweight UltraFlex™ Technology
  • Cut generously across the rib cage
  • A choice of 4 back lengths per size

CE marked to EN13158:2009.

Annually retested to BETA 2009 Level 3.

  • "A few hours ago I tested my Airoware Men's Outlyne for the first time in anger, thus proving old men can still bounce. Frankie and I were hacking down a country lane when we had a disagreement over direction. He wanted to go home, I wanted to go on. Unfortunately, in the ensuing tussle we both ended up on the tarmac. He's got away with a couple of minor cuts on his hind leg. But, I copped a fair old thump on my left shoulder as I went down and I can recall being glad I was wearing my body protector, despite it being hot weather. I seem to have got away with a few abrasions to my elbow, and a bit of bruising on my leg. But I doubt whether I could have shrugged off the experience so easily without my Outlyne body protector (and a stiff drink afterwards). Probably be in casualty now."

    Charles Parrott

  • "My 15 year son just feel off 6 times the other day - he is so determinde - and as he said the next day, im SO glad i wore my new Outlyne! I can go riding again today :-)"

    Henriette Husted Winther

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