Beatle Payne Shares What It’s Like To Be On Airowear’s Team Of Riders

In 2010, Airowear ran a competition via Twitter to search for the next Airowear star. Beatle Payne was our lucky winner and has since regularly appeared in many campaigns to promote a safer equestrian sport. Here is Beatle’s account of what it is like to be a part of our team of riders.

I first became involved with Airowear when they held a competition to become the face of the Teen Outlyne Body Protector and I was selected. I got the chance to design my own cross country body protector so I made mine to match my cross country colours of pink and white. When it came, it was even better than I expected and still today it looks amazing! We then had some photos taken of me in my body protector cross-country schooling and they looked so good that they were used in Airowear’s adverts. Then I was lucky enough to have one of the photos chosen to go on the front cover of the Ride Away magazine!

As well as my pink and white body protector, I have also modelled the black Teen Outlyne which I use for cross-country schooling, Pony Club jumping rallies, Pony Club competitions where I need to wear team colours and for hunting, so it’s a very valuable body protector. In 2012, Airowear released an Olympic Body Protector which was red, white and blue, and I modelled this too. I also have the Women’s Outlyne in grey and blue with a matching Ayr8® Charles Owen hat which I use for show jumping as it looks very stylish and the white piping making it look very fitted.

I also use my Ayr8® hat for dressage at competitions as it looks very smart. However more recently Airowear have introduced the Hickstead Body Protector which I now use for show jumping as it blends in with my show jacket and it is lighter, so better for show jumping. When I compete for Loughborough University A Team, I have to wear a body protector so my Hickstead comes in very handy as it looks like I don’t have one on! For all of the body protectors that I have had, we have taken photos of them and then these photos have been used in adverts in magazines and online. It’s always very exciting when I spot myself in a magazine! The set wouldn’t be complete without Airowear Base Layers which I wouldn’t compete without. They keep me warm in the winter and cool in the summer, they are the best!

I have been very lucky to have had the support of Airowear and ride in such lovely body protectors and more recently Charles Owen helmets, including my pink 4Star which matches my pink body protector! The Airowear team are very supportive and always on hand to offer advice and we enjoy meeting up at competitions and events.

The Airowear Starlight Competition is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who loves the sport and wants to be part of an amazing team. I would definitely recommend entering the competition; it only takes a few minutes and the prizes are amazing – so get entering!