What will my body protector do to keep me safe?

The purpose of a body protector is to offer protection from impacts suffered as a consequence of a fall or kick from a horse. Body protectors are constructed of impact-absorbing foam that allows them to protect the thorax (chest and ribs), the abdomen and the internal organs.  They also prevent soft tissue injuries including bruising, laceration, abrasions and contact burn. Body protectors do not offer direct spinal protection and do not protect against injuries involving severe torsion, flexion or crush.

Can you explain the safety standards for body protectors?

Airowear body protectors have been manufactured and tested to meet the requirements of EN13158:2009 (European standard for ‘Protective Jackets, Body and Shoulder Protectors for Horse Riders’) and are also CE marked to show their confirmation to the Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686/EEC.

In addition, the Outlyne, AirMesh, Flexion®, Reiver 010 body protectors and the foundation layer for the AyrVest are tested to the BETA Level 3 2009 Standard for Horse Riders’ Body and Shoulder Protectors, which have specific tests to establish their performance under impact.

There are three categories of protection offered by the BETA Body Protector Standard:

Level 3: – Purple Label, 2009. Body protectors carrying the purple BETA label, stitched flat to the outside of their body protector, conforms to BETA 2009 Level 3. This level will provide a level of protection that is considered appropriate for normal horse riding, competitions and for working with horses as it protects against minor bruising that would produce stiffness and pain, reduce soft tissue injuries and prevent a limited number of rib fractures.

Level 2: – Brown Label, 2009. Body protectors carrying the brown BETA label, stitched flat to the outside of their body protector, conforms to BETA 2009 Level 2. This level will provide a lower level of protection than Level 3 and is only considered appropriate for use in low risk situations, not including jumping, riding on the roads, riding young or excitable horses or riding while inexperienced.

Level 1: – Black Label, 2009. Body protectors carrying the black BETA label, stitched flat to the outside of their body protector, conforms to BETA 2009 Level 1. This level will provide a low level of protection that is only considered appropriate for licensed jockeys while racing.

Should I wear shoulder protectors?

Shoulder protectors offer additional protection to the collarbone area by dispersing energy from a fall to prevent a broken clavicle and damage to the point of the shoulder. All styles of Airowear body protectors come with the option of attaching BETA Level 3 2009 certified shoulder protectors, and all of our shoulder protectors are made with flexible materials that move with the rider so as not to interfere. They also include convenient medical card holders.


Where is Airowear sold?

Airowear is sold around the world and there is sure to be a stockist near you. Please click here to find a retailer in your area. If there is no International Distributor listed for your country, please contact us.


How do I know what size body protector is the correct one for me?

Airowear offers gender-specific sizing for riders of all ages, making it easy to find the most comfortable, correct fit for you. We also offer discipline-specific fits in the flagship Outlyne body protector. We recommend finding your local Airowear stockist to have a professional fitting done. For a full explanation of the fitting process and to see our measuring guide, please see our body protector fitting guide.

Do you offer customisation options for my body protector?

We offer custom colours for our Outlyne body protector. Design your own with our custom colour configurator.

Do you have hat silks to match?

Yes, we do offer custom hat silks to match your body protector. Choose your silk colours using the custom Outlyne design configurator.

Can I request a catalogue?

We prefer to be environmentally friendly and limit printing by having our products available to view online. However, if you require a paper version of our catalogue, please contact us.

Product Care

How should I care for my Airowear body protector?

The cover on the Outlyne, Flexion and AirMesh body protectors cannot be removed for washing, so we recommend hand washing the outer surface with warm water and a mild detergent. To dry, lay the body protector flat and away from sources of heat.

For the Reiver tabard body protector, the foam panels are removable so that the outer cover can be taken off and machine-washed. To remove the cover, simply undo the Velcro panel at the base of the front and half way down the inside of the back. Gently ease the layers of centrally joined foam out together without attempting to separate them. Prior to washing the cover, we recommend that you fasten the Velcro to avoid damaging the fabric. Wash the cover as per the instructions. Replace the foam panels, ensuring the labels face towards the body. If necessary, the foam may be surface wiped with warm water and a cloth, but avoid applying any solvent cleaner as any other treatment to the foam panels could seriously impair the performance of the garment.

The Velcro fastenings may collect horse hair, straw and other associated dirt during wear. To maintain a secure fastening, always clean the Velcro fastenings before use using a stiff brush.

Body protectors should be stored in a flat, clean, dry place away from direct sunlight and extremes of temperature. Avoid storing your body protector under heavy or sharp objects.

We also recommend that you check your body protector regularly for wear and tear. Damage to the impact absorbing materials may be apparent by reduced thickness or a change in feel. If in doubt, it is safer to replace your garment.

What is Airowear’s warranty policy?

Airowear body protectors carry a 12-month warranty from the date you purchase it from the retailer that is only applicable to items purchased through an authorised Airowear retailer. Airowear does not recognise sales conducted through eBay as meeting these criteria. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, improper washing, or natural breakdown of colours and materials over extended time and use.

At Airowear’s discretion, we will repair or replace a defective item. Requested repairs that are not under warranty will be repaired at the owner’s expense. We accept Visa and MasterCard for repairs not covered under warranty. Colour Swap is not covered under Airowear’s warranty.

Does Airowear offer repairs on older products?

If the body protector is under warranty, we will be happy to repair it for you. There may be a charge associated with the repair, and we will notify you of any charges priot to servicing the body protector. Please note that we typically recommend that body protectors be replaced every five years due to natural wear and tear on the materials and the possibility that safety standards may have been updated during that time.

How do I return my body protector for repairs or servicing?

Please contact us for your repair queries.