Finding The Right Body Protector

You may know that Airowear body protectors are uniquely designed so that there is one to fit every rider, regardless of shape, size, age or gender, right off the shelf. To make that possible, we offer a wide variety of models and sizes so that every rider can find a body protector that matches their style and meets their needs.

We feel confident that all riders can find an Airowear body protector that has the look and feel they are looking for, regardless of discipline. For event riders who want a BETA Level 3 body protector that is customisable, the Outlyne is a great choice. For those who want the opportunity to add an air layer of protection, we offer the AyrPS. Show jumpers might love the Hickstead, designed specially to be nearly invisible over a show jacket. For a jockey, the Swift Level 2 is lightweight with a comfortable fit. Finally, the Carriage Driving Outlyne provides drivers a shorter back length to sit comfortably.

Once you’ve narrowed down the model that you’re most interested in, it’s time for to be fitted into the correct size. Gender-specific sizing is one of the keys to ensuring we can find the best and safest fit for everyone.

Our kids line is designed for young riders whose needs will change as they grow up in the saddle. Our body protectors for kids offer measurements that correspond to approximate age ranges.

For teenagers who are growing, we offer a teen range that is made to accommodate a growing teenager with adjustable sizes.

Women’s body protectors include a wide range of features that allow for all body types so that petite, plus-sized, curvy, or tall riders to comfortably fit into a body protector. Each body protector is designed to accommodate the bust as the chest measurement increases without affecting the back length.

Men’s body protectors are specially made to reflect the typical features of a man’s body shape, taking into consideration the broader shoulders and offering a generous cut across the rib cage. As the chest sizes increase, back lengths can remain the same to ensure that the body protector remains proportionate.

All body protectors are available in short, regular, long and extra long back lengths for riders of all heights.

If you’re feeling inspired to find a body protector that will be effortlessly comfortable, find the stockist closest to you for a professional fitting!