Harry Meade Heads To WEG 2014 For Team GB

Today marks an historic day for our sponsored rider Harry Meade, who has arrived safely in Normandy ahead of participating in Team GB for WEG 2014!

What makes today’s date even more special is that it is exactly one year ago today that Harry’s fight for an incredible comeback began. Now, Harry’s lifelong aim to ride on the Senior British Team at a championship event has been achieved.

Harry was selected to compete for Team GB after a rollercoaster year for everyone on his team. Eight short months ago, Harry was faced with life-changing decisions over whether or not to go ahead with an operation on his arms; WEG couldn’t have been further from his mind. Now, after an incredible performance at Badminton and a continuous effort with his successful season, Harry received a call from Yogi, asking him and Wild Lone to pack their bags for the World Championships!

Good luck Harry!