Our story

Airowear has been a worldwide leader of innovation in the equestrian body protection since 1985. Our reputation is built on design expertise and our total commitment to rider safety. We ensure every product offers a superior fit, incorporates the latest technology and meets our exceptional quality standards.

As a design-led company, this philosophy is reflected in every garment we produce. Our design expertise gives us the advantage of truly understanding the requirements of garment technology to improve rider safety, fit and style.

Behind Airowear

Established in 1985, Airowear operated out of Aydon, Northumberland under the direction of Lucy Carr-Seaman. Body protectors were originally made using a thin, lightweight layer of polyethylene foam that jockeys could wear beneath their clothing.

Now, materials include single panel PVC Nitrile memory foam that has incorporated joints and the market has expanded to include riders across  all disciplines, but most notably eventing. Superior design and technology  has led to body protectors that mould to the form of the rider and more effectively protect the vital organs and ribs in the event of a fall.

Charles Owen purchased Airowear in 2012 and, under the direction of Roy Burek, has dedicated the last four years to manufacturing top safety products for different riding situations. Today, all Airowear manufacturing is completed in Wrexham, Wales alongside Charles Owen’s helmet line. Airowear is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equestrian body protectors.

In 1995, BETA Level 1, 2, and 3 safety standards were introduced. Today, Airowear body protectors are CE marked to EN 13158:2018 and BETA Level 3 2018. Every body protector that Airowear has produced has achieved certification for every safety standard, a notable first for the industry.


Our philosophy is to design body protectors which provide the best level of safety combined with unrivalled tailoring with the most comfortable body protectors on the market today. Due to the differences in body shapes between men and women, it is essential a safety garment is sized to address male and female shaping.

Many adult’s body protectors are still made in unisex sizes, which is where Airowear are different…

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All our body protectors are manufactured and tested to meet the highest safety requirements for the different disciplines for which they are used. Airowear body protectors are CE marked to EN13158 and annually tested to BETA 2018, giving you peace of mind that our body protectors consistently meet the latest safety standards.

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We ensure every body protector we produce exceeds the maximum requirements by the European Safety Standards and we pride ourselves on producing body protectors which offer a superior fit combined with the latest technology.

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