How your body protector works

Your body protector is designed to protect many of your vital organs, part of your skeleton and the soft tissue around your torso. For any athlete, having a plan to maximise your potential means minimising injuries and the time off from that all-important training. Body protection is a vital part of that plan and Airowear works every day on developing products that maximises that protection while maintaining your flexibility that helps you maintain your seat. For the pleasure rider, continuing to work after a fall is vital to financing your equestrian hobby. We all know that the pain from a fall can easily reduce our confidence – vital to having a safe ride. Your equine partner needs you to look after yourself.

High density energy absorption

Airowear are constantly working with suppliers around the world to develop materials that are soft enough to work with the body’s inbuilt protective mechanisms, yet stiff enough to dissipate focal impacts from fence rails, posts or rocks. All within the constraints of weight, breathability, flexibility, elasticity and consistency. Over the three decades of body protection, vast changes have been introduced by Airowear and our 3 top of the range material systems give you the ultimate performance.

Air protection

Air protection uses quite a different approach to energy absorption, as different as seat belts are to air bags in cars. It is the combination that yields the best results. Air requires rapid deployment, precise control of the inflated air cushions, but can cover areas impractical for static systems.

Elasticity for flexibility and movement

Impact protection on zipped garments

Drag Protection

Shoulder & Collar Bone Protection

The Importance of Fitting

Optimum coverage
Gender differences
Lumbar support
Shoulder adjustment