Tips For Your Professional Body Protector Fitting

Are you planning to buy a new body protector at the World Equestrian Games? Whether you’re planning to find your perfect fit at our booth in Tryon this week or will be stopping by your local retailer in the future, follow these tips to make the most of your professional fitting!

  1. Airowear has a variety of different body protector models in range, and each offers a different fit and feel. We also have our AyrVest and our AyrPS if you’re interested in adding an air protection layer to your BETA Level 3 2009 body protector! This is why you should know what type of body protector you are looking for but be open to trying on different models.
  2. To find the best fit, it is important that you are wearing clothing that won’t be too bulky or obtrusive under the body protector when you are being fitted. We typically recommend that heavier garments are worn over top of the body protector This is why you should wear layers or clothes you would be comfortable riding in.
  3. To find your perfect fit, we will take chest and back length measurements to determine your size range, and we may also need waist and over the shoulder measurements to find your perfect fit. This is why you should be prepared to have several measurements taken.
  4. Our professional fitters are safety experts and we’re here to help you find the safest and most comfortable body protector, so always be sure to ask any questions you have throughout your fitting.
  5. A body protector that is too small may be uncomfortable and not offer the correct area of coverage and a body protector that is too big may shift around on the torso. This is why you should keep in mind that the safest body protector is the one that fits you the best!

We hope that you have a fantastic experience finding your best fit in your new Airowear body protector!