What Is Your Body Protector Made Of?

All of our body protectors are made alongside Charles Owen helmets at our factory in Wrexham, Wales. The impact-absorbing foam that each body protector is constructed of has a unique, jointed structure that moulds to the shape of the rider. This allows for our body protectors to give a flexible fit.

The materials that make up a body protector are soft enough to allow the body’s natural protective mechanisms to work in the event of a fall. However, they’re stiff enough to dissipate impacts from fence rails, posts or rocks.

Get to know the three different types of foam that make up your body protectors!

The first is Ultraflex, which features multi-layered technology. This foam moulds to the rider’s body and features a minimised amount of joints in the foam to offer very effective protection against extreme surfaces, horse kicks and penetration from horse shoe studs.

The second type of foam is Advanced Ultraflex. Based on the Ultraflex technology, Advanced Ultraflex adds increased flexibility and elasticity to the foam to allow a closer fit. It is recommended for all riders, especially those with a shapelier figure who may find standard body protection uncomfortably restrictive.

The third and final type of foam is Flexion. Patented by Airowear, our Flexion technology provides unbelievable drape without reducing the amount of protection offered. It creates a body protector that gives the rider a feeling of total flexibility and freedom to move in the saddle.